1 September 2023

For over 20 years, SURGIRIS has been helping hospitals, private clinics and healthcare establishments to equip their operating theatres, intensive care units, emergency cubicles and resuscitation rooms.

Smart Vision: A new identity to better identify ourselves

2021 is a year of renewal for SURGIRIS. To mark its 20th anniversary, Surgiris has presented its partners and customers around the world with a new identity. The new identity is underpinned by the company’s new logo and graphic charter.

After more than 20 years’ experience in the medical devices market, SURGIRIS has renewed its image to match the innovative, high-performance products designed and manufactured at our head office in Croix, near Lille.

This new image has been forged around one main theme: Our core expertise: light & intelligent technology, and we’re going to open the doors of our thinking to you during this change of identity.

SURGIRIS brand definition

The main concept of the new SURGIRIS identity revolves around a single principle: “light”. At the heart of Surgiris, light is dynamic, reactive and intelligent. These important points must be reflected in our new identity.

The baseline “SMART VISION” is the key element of our new identity:

  • The word SMART refers to the ingenious, intelligent, high-performance and elegant side of light and our various activities.
  • The word VISION characterises the state of mind of the SURGIRIS team, which is focused on research and development, innovative technologies that respond to developments in the medical sector and the constant search for new concepts that keep pace with the times.


Definition of the logo

The process of designing the new logo was a collaborative one, involving various working groups. The initial version of the logo did not meet the expectations of management or the new SURGIRIS identity. A major decision was taken in the typography to capitalise the letters of the logo, in order to better represent the size of SURGIRIS. In addition, the choice of a circular format with cut-out elements recalls the aesthetics of SURGIRIS’s emblematic product, SURGILED.

As part of this effort to strengthen our identity, we have chosen the triangle to replace the dot on the “i”. This triangle is used as a symbol of the light prism, to recall SURGIRIS’ field of activity : manufacturer of lighting solutions. A light prism is an optical instrument used to refract or disperse light. Placing the prism here is intended to illuminate the new logo.

SURGIRIS a bold choice of colour

The medical sector is very often associated with the colour blue, which could be found in our previous logo. In order to mark a change with our old identity, it was essential to change our graphic charter. The aim was to assert the visionary side of SURGIRIS and stand out from our competitors. We opted for purple, the symbol of creativity and expertise, but also the colour of royalty – a perfect blend of the two primary colours, blue and red.

This change of identity allows SURGIRIS to assert itself and to see things in a big way, with the main aim of keeping its DNA but entering a new era. Our main conviction is to design high-performance operating theatre equipment for the most demanding applications.

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