SURGIRIS offers a wide spectrum of digital and integrated OR solutions including monitors with various sizes and features from 4K touch screens from 22” to 55” all based on zero footprint concept

Product pictures

ICN Metris_Picture_ Video Integration_Station_All In One 32P
ICN Metris_Picture_Video Integration _Station All In One 55P
ICN Metris_Picture_ Video Integration_Station Single 22P
ICN Metris_Picture_Video Integration_Station Mobile 22P


SURGIRIS offers a wide range of connected operating room monitors covering several touch screen sizes.

Check out the SMS solution product range:

  • ALL IN ONE 32” & 55” stations: video management modules
  • Single 22” station: Panel PC video management
  • Mobile 22’’ station: video conferencing cart
  • DICOM 55” station: digital negatoscope


Key features

ALL IN ONE 32’’ & 55’’ Stations

Control video management & integration from a 32 or 55-inch touch screen on a recessed box with built in electronic equipment.

  • Touch pad with QUAD & 4K display
  • Stand-alone or combined operation
  • Available in recessed and surface mounted versions
  • Plug & Play
  • No floor space occupation
  • Configuration on demand
  • Built into the operating room & the hospital network
  • 4K & 3D recording

Single 22’’ Station

Control video management & integration from a stand-alone 22-inch touch panel PC in the operating room with electronic equipment in a remote rack.

  • Versatile use
  • Compact, not bulky
  • Use possible in sterile zones or in a mobile version
  • Easy to build into an existing installation

Mobile 22’’ Station

Record and broadcast live operating room images from a 22-inch panel PC on a mobile cart with built-in electronic equipment.

  • Versatile use
  • Mobile & compact use for multiple operating rooms
  • Use possible in sterile zones or in a mobile version

DICOM 55’’ Station

View PACS or MACS images (MRI, scanner, radiology) from a 55-inch touch screen with 4K display on a recessed or surface mounted box with built-in electronic equipment.

  • Connection to the PACS & to the HIS to retrieve patient files
  • Examinations read from the PACS or from a thumb drive, CD, DVD
  • 4K display of examinations on a preset DICOM to improve contrasts
  • Multiple touch interactions for examinations (zoom, rotation, annotation, measurement, printing…) from the DICOM viewer
  • Possibility of connecting other mobile 4K sources (e.g.: endoscopy column)
  • Customised 4K display (full screen, PiP, PaP, QUAD)


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Hand shower

Capture foot pedal

Camera head capture


PTZ camera


No, we have a touch keyboard built into all our models
Yes, we have several front USB sockets available depending on the model
Yes, we have 3 types of training: nurses, biomedical engineers, IT management


In our production facilities, we create high-performance operating theatre equipment for the most demanding applications.

More than 20 years of biomedical experience
Products 100% Made in France
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