SURGIRIS integrates the SMS video management software
created by ICN METRIS for the operating room

Product pictures

ICN Metris_Picture_SMS Control
SURGIRIS integra el software de gestión de vídeo SMS
creado por ICN METRIS para el quirófano
Visualiser notre logiciel SMS de gestion vidéo destiné au bloc opératoire conçu par ICN METRIS


Check out the ICN Metris video management software range:

  • SMS Capture: record & capture surgery images and video
  • SMS Routing: select & broadcast operating room video sources
  • SMS Streaming: select & broadcast operating room video & audio sources
  • SMS Report: generate a .pdf image report from the operating room
  • SMS Control: control the operating room monitoring camera & lighting

Key features

SMS Capture

Record and capture the images and videos of the surgery.

  • Selection of the video source to record
  • Simultaneous recording of 2 video streams
  • 3D & 4K recording
  • Surgery report
  • Advanced image processing functions
  • Export of the images & videos to the PACS or server
  • Recording of 2 simultaneous audio and video streams

SMS Routing

Select and broadcast operating room video sources to send them to different destinations.

  • User-friendly click and drag interface
  • Live preview of the sources and destinations
  • Signal routing (SD, HD, 4K, 3D, IP)

SMS Streaming

Select & broadcast two-way video & audio sources from the operating room to other hospital rooms and outside the hospital (e.g.: staff room, videoconference).

  • Live broadcast of operating room images in-house or outside
  • Live reception of images in-house or outside (e.g. : telemedicine)
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Standard connection to all streaming systems
  • Connection compatible with the different video-conference codecs

SMS Report

Generate a .pdf image report from the operating room.

SMS Control

Control the surgical lighting from the multimedia station.

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Yes, two 4K video sources can be recorded simultaneously (for example: external with endoscopic image) and it is possible to send any other source in streaming at the same time
Yes, all these functions are directly accessible by touch on our products
Yes, we have 3 types of training: nurses, biomedical engineers, IT management


In our production facilities, we create high-performance operating theatre equipment for the most demanding applications.

More than 20 years of biomedical experience
Products 100% Made in France
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