1 December 2023

Our company has French know-how dedicated to the design, manufacture and sales of our Made In France products. SURGIRIS’s French expertise makes us a leader in the French market for operating theatre lighting in public hospitals.

A high-tech production factory

SURGIRIS is based in Croix, in the heart of the dynamic Lille metropolitan area, and houses a 6,000m2 production workshop. This modern, spacious production workshop is an essential area for orchestrating the manufacture and assembly of the company’s products. Each stage of production is meticulously monitored and quality controls are rigorous to ensure the reliability and safety of the medical devices produced.

In 2023, SURGIRIS will continue to strengthen its commitment to excellence by expanding its production capacity. Indeed, thanks to strategic investments in infrastructure, our production workshop recently increased its capacity by 30%. This expansion demonstrates our determination to respond effectively to the growing needs of our customers, while maintaining our quality standards.


Connected production workshop

SURGIRIS has taken a major step towards optimising its production chain by setting up a connected production workshop. The driving force behind this efficiency lies in the use of management software specially designed for the manufacturing industry, offering a complete and integrated solution.
The whole system contributes to complete and transparent coverage of the entire production process. It speeds up production times, minimises the costs associated with excess inventory and ensures greater responsiveness to market changes. Ultimately, this production workshop and high-performance management software position SURGIRIS at the forefront of the industry, guaranteeing smooth operations, efficient resource management and the delivery of top-quality products to its customers.

A team of multi-skilled operators

Surgiris has a team of multi-skilled operators whose expertise is an asset to the company. These skilled workers have a technical background, combined with years of experience in the medical sector and a desire to produce a product that will meet customers’ needs. Their expertise covers a wide range of skills, from mechanics and electronics to the meticulous assembly of products.

The workforce dedicated to production is constantly evolving, and today we have around twenty jobs spread across different areas. This diversification of positions reflects our commitment to providing quality products while optimising our production process to meet our customers’ needs.

“At SURGIRIS, we place great importance on the idea that our surgical lighting can help save lives, which is a testament to the excellence of our products”

Clément OLCZAKProduction Manager

An international vision

Thanks to its expertise and capacity for innovation, Surgiris has made a name for itself on the international stage. Its products are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world, testifying to the trust placed in the French brand and the quality of its products.

Surgiris embodies French know-how in the design, manufacture and marketing of Made In France products. Our premises house a modern production workshop where every stage in the manufacture of our products is meticulously monitored to guarantee the reliability and safety of our medical devices.


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